Sellers that have taken my design, renovation and staging advice sell their properties for more.

Up to 130% of their list price - up to $400,000 over listing price! These projects have even been featured in Los Angeles Magazine! The LA TimesCurbed LA!

Wouldn't you like to go on market knowing that you will get the most offers and highest price possible?

Curb appeal starts online. Before a buyer even drives past your property, they will see it online.

I maximize the potential buyer pool by crafting a very appealing first photo that tells a story and invites the viewer to learn more. Lush landscaping, an inviting front door, fun house numbers and bright sunlight pull their attention away from the other listings on the page.

That first photo, taken by an amazing professional photographer, allows the buyer to imagine pulling up to this beautiful, hip home. Once they click through, they fall in love with the lifestyle I've helped you craft in your home. They can imagine themselves just packing a suitcase and moving in! Most of all, they take pictures and dream of sharing it in that exciting new home announcement on social media. 

A description that describes the neighborhood, home and lifestyle allow the buyer to start dreaming of their everyday in that home. A virtual tour, floor plan and drone video help solidify that THIS. IS. THEIR. HOUSE! They will do anything to get to this house, including bidding up to their max budget. Quite frankly, my listings turn out so awesome that even *I* dream of living there!

A great listing also needs a thorough marketing plan that includes both online and offline marketing.

With 18 years of internet marketing experience and my in-depth understanding of both real estate and social media, you can be assured that there is no agent more qualified to pinpoint the exact buyers for your home and to ensure that your home comes across their social media feed.

Old school agents may tell you that open houses don't sell houses, but that was then and this is now.

Buyers are increasingly searching by themselves and don't want to fit into a buyers agent's schedule. Open houses allow them a no pressure viewing to see if the neighborhood and home work for them. I host open houses as if I were hosting a housewarming party. That festive environment with music, yummy snacks and an enthusiastic host who loves the home are irresistible. Buyers let down their guard and actually imagine themselves living in the space. They grab an ice cream sandwich to enjoy in the relaxed backyard space I have set up. They congregate in the kitchen like their guests will do at their future parties. They start to enjoy the space and dream of living there.

Organization and offer management are key to ensuring a smooth transaction

Offer management starts even before offers roll in. Prior to listing the property, I will sit down with you and review all of the necessary disclosures that the city and state requires of sellers. I want to make sure that you feel protected and safe in this transaction. I take pride in doing things the right way. I also know that it maximizes your profits.

The concept of "Certified Pre-owned Home" is not new, but it's a great strategy to put buyers' minds at ease when purchasing a "done" home. If a buyer feels safe, they will go all in and not feel like they have to hold back funds for imaginary future repairs. I have an extensive strategy to help you provide this - let's talk!

Once all those offers are in, I will summarize and review them with you. We will review the counter offer terms to ensure that you minimize your risk and maximize your profit, and I will work with my preferred lender to cross-qualify your top offers to make sure that there will be no hiccups in the escrow process. I will also shore up backup offers - I like to prepare for the worst while anticipating the best! During escrow, myself and my transaction coordinator will communicate fully with you to keep you apprised of your transaction's status.

Please know that my style is no pressure. Part of my continued success is that I’m more than just a trusted real estate advisor, I’m also a friend and neighbor! If you are curious and would like more information, it would be my pleasure to set up an appointment with you. I would love to hear from you