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Driving east down Adams Boulevard, you catch glimpses of the artist life that lurks behind seemingly vacant storefronts and nondescript warehouses. Delicious Pizza, Zoe's Vintique vintage store, and a handful of fun galleries catch your eye as you speed past. Slow down and you'll find a plethora of experiences in this burgeoning creative colony. The Shops at Adams Gateway opened this year and is a visual representation of the revitalization of this neighborhood. It very much reminds me of Venice about 15 to 20 years ago.

Hip West Adams Shops

Front and center at the Shops is Daily Organics, a thoroughly charming organic produce stand run by Renée Günter. We were warmly greeted by Renée, who guided us through her selection of delicious fruits and vegetables. Renée is incredibly passionate about both her mission and the Shops, inviting us to visit her fellow shopkeepers.

hip west adams stores

Similar to how Picfair Village on Pico feels like a small town in a large city, so does this stretch referred to as "West Adams West". The other shopkeepers continued the warm welcome, inviting us to their Wednesday evening vintage car shows. We love the customizations they have made to their shipping container shops, some of them inspired by 1950s culture.

West Adams Shipping Container stores

This neighborhood has always been a hidden gem in Los Angeles, with homeowners taking pride in their charming 1920 bungalows. The neighborhood is very welcoming to new homeowners, so don't be surprised to have your neighbor offer to lend you his lawnmower. Neighbors greet you as their walk their dogs past your new home. It's easy to get involved in the community via local events and the Nextdoor website. This area's close proximity to both the bustling tech and creative center of Culver City and the 10 Freeway make it an ideal central location.

West Adams Gateway Daily Organics

Are you interested in putting down roots (pardon the pun!) in this area? I'd love to show you the neighborhood and the affordable home options. Let's meet for a coffee at Vee's Cafe! Email me, let's chat!