While recent winner of the Curbed LA "Curbed Cup" Leimert Park may be a new name to some Los Angeles residents, many of us were already fans of this amazing historic Los Angeles neighborhood. The beautiful and charming collection of Spanish Revival style homes has stood the test of time and steady development, with many retaining most, if not all, of their original features.

4334 7th Ave Los Angeles, CA 90008
$610,000 2 Beds 1.25 Baths 1,608 Sq. Ft.

This 1935 Spanish Colonial Revival home is chock full of well preserved, original features. With tile, built-ins, arches and layout intact, it's like one has stepped back in time. Light and bright due to the corner lot location, this home is the California living many aspire to when moving to Los Angeles. The location is walkable to many Leimert Park locations, and is in the heart of where the most charming homes are featured. You'll find yourself chatting with friendly neighbors, as I've found myself doing on many occasions when showing homes in the area.





Courtesy Heather Presha, John Aaroe Group

A little north, south and west of those original Spanish Revival settlements are houses from a slightly different vintage. Developments from the 1940s and 1950s have a distinctly more modern, linear flair. The post-war housing boom surged, and defence and aircraft industry employees sought out housing in this area so close to the Westside and South Bay aerospace hubs. With subdivisions built en-masse to alleviate the housing shortage, many of the homes of that era share a very similar simple geometric architecture. These homes stand as proud reminders of post-war success and optimism.

3815 S Norton Ave Los Angeles, CA 90008 $699,000
3 Beds/ 1.75 Baths 1,396 Sq. Ft.

This beautiful 1956 home features both original midcentury features and newly updated rooms built for how we like to live today. It's as if the developers were logged into your Houzz account, with the bathrooms and kitchen echoing the latest, hottest looks. The original fireplace is both vintage, yet modern. The pergola off the yard is a sleek, masterful addition to the mid mod charm of this home.







Courtesy Leah Archer, VonKeith Properties

Baldwin Hills Estates shares a zip code with Leimert Park but has a distinctly different flavor. Rambling ranch homes on undulating streets overlook stunning views of Los Angeles. Some of these streets with "Don" in the name are referred to as the "Dons", and are especially coveted. Modern, sleek, sexy and bursting with views, this neighborhood is the best undiscovered (by some!) area of Los angeles.

4024 Don Felipe Dr Los Angles, CA 90008
$849,000 3 Beds 1.75 Baths 1,783 Sq. Ft.

This midcentury home shows off the views the area is known for, along with the fun sleek architecture of this Mad Men-esque subdivision. The soaring ceilings fly as high as those jetliner views from the living room.




Courtesy Shelley Brown, John Aaroe Group

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