Welcome to The Art of Houses! I love interior design and architecture, which comes in handy since I'm a real estate agent! I realized that friends interested in purchasing homes were both intimidated by the process and by real estate professionals, so I decided to demystify the process. I'm going to cover lots of topics about buying and selling a home, in plain english.

This topic is easy for me to discuss, as I've been exposed to real estate my entire life. I'm a second generation real estate professional. Mom is a real estate broker back in Canada, and I was her little helper early on. I'll talk about the real estate market in Los Angeles, show you houses I covet and how we've financed and renovated our homes.

I love living in Los Angeles, so I'll also talk about various fun local things. I'll introduce various neighborhoods you may not familiar with, cover favorite restaurants and stores, and give out local insider tips.

Pictured: Frosti and Chili at Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu, California. It's dog friendly (on leash only, please!) past lifeguard tower 3. There's also a campground attached! My husband and his family would camp there when he was little. Fresh Tip: Leo Carrillo State Beach is the only dog beach in Los Angeles County. The other popular dog beaches are in Huntington Beach (Orange County) and Long Beach.